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    Default 88 Year old Woman wins Weight Lifting Competition

    I saw this on the news last night and thought it was pretty darn cool! Hope I'm still lifting when I'm that old!

    Can you lift your body's weight? It's not typically something most seniors think about, let alone senior women. But as WFMZ's Jaccii Farris tells us, one Montgomery County woman is hoping her exertion will be an inspiration for others. >>REPORTER: For Andora Quinby.. 1416 get your head up. Stand up, come on...agh! >>REPORTER: Going to the gym is a mission. 1417 "Very good, now down...clang. Awesome...ha ha! >>REPORTER: At 88, Quinby holds the world record in her age group for dead lifting 100 pounds... 305 I have a few trophies ha ha >>REPORTER: ...And is the oldest female competing in the International All Around Weight Lifting Association. 321 "Very little competition..ha ha ha." >>REPORTER: Quinby started lifting when she was 78. 1230 "God Help me get it up ha ha ha." >>REPORTER: Now a decade later she's hoping the attention she's getting will encourage others to pick up a bar. >>ANDORA QUINBY: 439 "It's a factor in keeping positive and being able to accomplish things in your personal relations and also to help you look a little bit younger, just a little bit." (nat) >>REPORTER: Quinby says no matter what their age, weight lifters should wear protective belts and practice proper form. It's something she does under the close guidance of her trainer John Vernacchio. >>JOHN VERNACCHIO: 2000 "She's got two years to go in the 85 to 90 and then she'll move into the 90 year old age group and she might find a couple of competitors there too when she gets there. Jaccii Farris 69 News. óRob Vaughnó >> Before starting a weight lifting program seniors should consult a doctor and find a specialized trainer.

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    WOW, the article said she did a 100 lb deadlift. Wow!
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